Strong Hope Counseling Center needed a website to boost their online presence, create a space for their online resources, and allow potential new hires to learn about and apply for job openings.

Technologies Used:

  • WordPress (Templated Theme – Avada)
  • Shared Hosting
  • PHP, JavaScript, mySQL


  • Because of its large user base, games were being played on a wide variety of devices and browsers, leading to various cross-browser issues. We set up a feedback form on the site so users could inform us of any issues they were having on their specific device. This helped us work through a number of cross-browser issues so we could create a solid experience for everyone.
  • At its peak, the website was being accessed over 1 million times per day. Because of this sudden and substantial increase in traffic, we had to migrate off our shared hosting platform onto a dedicated server hosted through Linode. This allowed us to quickly scale our servers to handle increasing traffic.